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Slow Films
  • Smith Meadows

    Forrest Pritchard is a farmer and an author.

    We sat down with him on a beautiful Friday afternoon and for almost an hour he regaled us with his farming knowledge, stories at the center of his farm, and how Smith Meadows has flourished in the real food world.

    The next day we met Forrest at t...

  • Tinker Taco Lab

    We really enjoyed shooting this story. For one thing, we got to eat the props!

    Texas native James Jennings has brought genuine taqueria tastes to Woodstock, New York. His newcomer, Tinker Taco Lab, has created a real buzz. Chef Jennings said this:

    “It’s a taco. We have five tacos on the men...

  • Beekman Boys

    Our friend and radio host, Linda Pelaccio got in touch with an intriguing proposition.

    She was scheduled to interview Brent Ridge and Josh Kilmer-Purcell (aka The Fabulous Beekman Boys) about their newest cookbook.

    Would we care to join her, meet the boys and capture some moving pictures?

  • Sky Farm

    We decided to shoot our interviews with Ashley Mayne and Chris Regan at Sky Farm in the dead of winter, a time when farmers tend to be more contemplative–and definitely more relaxed. They have had time to review last year’s growing season as well as plan for spring planting, and with a blanket of...

  • Cooks & Players

    We recently teamed up with New York food writer and blogger Peter Barrett to begin a web series focusing on the intersection between food and music.

    And we’re calling it Cooks & Players.

    The first video features Peter and world-renowned keyboardist, John Medeski. Music fans might recognize ...

  • Chefs on Fire

    It was a simple recipe: begin with superb ingredients, add innovative chefs and allow, no insist, they all play with fire.

    On a gorgeous, sunny, Sunday afternoon in the Hudson Valley, Zak Pelaccio, chef/co-owner of Fish & Game, invited the Northern Chef’s Alliance to cook collaborative courses...

  • Bubby's

    Ron Silver is plainspoken when explaining the mission at his restaurant, Bubby’s. Considering so many people define real food as “food your great-grandmother or grandmother would recognize”, it seems fitting that Ron is so insistent on sourcing locally produced goods for the restaurants he named ...

  • Rhinebeck Farmers Market

    Every community should be so lucky to have a market like the Rhinebeck Farmers Market.

    On cool summer and fall mornings, neighbors meet, visit, and shop. Shoppers get to know the people who produce the fresh, delicious food and in turn, the farmers connect with the folks that will be nourished...